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May 06, 2021 2021
Why Rubber extrusion profiles are popular in the market

Rubber extrusion profiles are widely used in many fields, for their low cost and long service life are in favor with building, marine, automotive, railway, bridge, road and etc.


There are many types of rubber extrusion profiles, solid and sponge rubber extrusion are the main types. EPDM solid and sponge rubber profiles are parts that through the extruded machine and force through a die to manufacture the necessary cross-section.


Seashore rubber is a leading manufacturing rubber profile company, we are a typical seal strip factory.

We have been in this line for years, our rubber profile is superior in materials, excellent in workmanship, and accurate in design and have won us the confidence of customers both from abroad and domestic in our commercial integrity. In addition to our ordinary and export transactions, we also do business of processing according to supplied samples.


There is a growing demand in the different industries for rubber extrusion profiles. In the automotive industry, all the parts connection we can see the rubber seal strips applied. Let us analyze the picture below here. These parts are applied to different seal strips by different constructions.

Hood Seal

Cowl Seal

Front Window Seal

Vert Seal

Belt Weatherstrip

Class Run Channel

Door Seals

Rear Vent Window

Rear Window Seal

Decorative Edge Trim

Trunk Seal


Universal rubber extrusion profiles in the car.

Dual Hardness Rubber Extrusion Seal, like Hardness (Shore A) are 60 duro and 90 duro , combining Two different hardness to install one place, it is required by application.


Co-extrusion Rubber Seal Strip, This type can combine hard rubber extrusion and sponge rubber extrusion, PVC and sponge rubber extrusion, or other material rubber to combine.


Adhesive rubber Sealing(including D shape, B shape, T shape, E shape, I shape). Sponge rubber profile with tape, it is convenient to attach car body.


Hard Rubber Strips. Hardness (Shore A) is 70 ±5 as standard or per request.

Sponge Rubber Strips. Hardness (Shore A) is 25 ±5 as standard or per request.