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April 22, 2021 2021
What is extruded rubber profile used for?

Rubber Seals are widely used in many industries, anywhere you can find that, like a car, window, fridge, house, machine, and etc, all the rubber seals as a function to protect the edge of all the things. for different applications, the material required different. Above things are from extruded rubber profiles including EPDM, CR, NBR and etc.


Seal Strip For Glass and Window

Seal strip for window construction. With the demand changing for glass or another material window, some things around the glass have to change, seal strips are demanded to design more shape to suit to window construction and as a part to connect with glass and construction, high quality extruded rubber profile seal is vital to stop dust, water and granule to enter to the cap.


There have EPDM rubber profile, CR rubber seal, NBR seal strip and others, for each type of strip have their own function.

EPDM rubber profile is to be the first option to install to Glass and Window, it has excellent resistance to weather, dust, heat, ozone, steam, in addition, EPDM is conformable, impermeable and a good insulator.


Automotive Strip (such as car, trunk, bus)

Coextrusion rubber seal is popular in the Automotive industry, solid and sponge rubber is combined EPDM solid and EPDM sponge rubber, certainly, Sponge CR rubber and Sponge NBR rubber are always to combine with EPDM solid rubber, all the material used depends on the application.


Car door around with rubber seal including inside and outside, the seal strip on the car is to reduce the friction and prolonging the car service life, meanwhile, anti-noise becomes one of understanding feature in using, otherwise, seal strip as a decoration on the car to meet the popular trends.


Marine Seal

Seal strip for Marine, the crucial function is resistance water and keep boat interiors clean and dry. Rubber seals install around the door and window firmly to keep secure. The client place an order about marine seal will give more details in the specification, in the sea, there have more potential risks than land, the products about marine have to test more time and then to manufacture.


Cabinet Strip

Especial for electrical cabinet, seal strip has insulation function to protect the machine. For these strip Including an EPDM solid "U" channel strip and an EPDM sponge rubber bulb, as well as the special metal clips and gripping tongue to provide a better gripping, all the details are to meet the cabinet needs.


Rail Vehicle Seal Strip

Rubber seal strip factories applied their expertise in technical design, compound selection, custom fabrication, and logistics. These extruded rubber profiles help Rail Vehicle manufacture to solve sealing, this is one of the most steps to keep rail car to produce. Railcar doors required to shut tightly enough to keep out wind and weather, for its high speed, seal strip shape have to suit the Rail Vehicle need. As a professional seal factory, all the details have to pay attention to it.