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March 30, 2020 2020
Silicone rubber’s advantage and disadvantage

Silicone rubber has the unique material characteristic, it does not have the conflict with any material and achieves the consensus with any material, therefore the material naturally has the tasteless non-toxic effect, in electrical industries, many products silicone seals can play a good role in buffering and damping, in different environments it can also play a good electrical insulation, oxygen aging resistance and light aging resistance, and the anti-toxic corrosion performance is good.


In a variety of high and low temperature environment without losing its material physics, current silicone products in the temperature range of-40 to 280 degrees, because of the special nature of the material, it is relatively environment-friendly and safe, so silicone rubber products are also widely used in the field of daily necessities, and have played a good performance. Silicone rubber also is applied to Cabinet door seal strip.

Silicone rubber is also widely used in machinery, construction, textile, chemical, light industry, printing and other industries, as insulation, packaging, sealing, moisture-proof, earthquake-resistant materials.


In addtion, as a soft film material, it is widely used in the manufacture of cultural relics, arts and crafts, toys, mechanical parts and so on.


Silicon-rubber-sealed semiconductors can be used in industrial motors, locomotives, power supplies requiring high-voltage switches, cell phone base stations, satellites and radars, and other high-frequency communications.

Silicone rubber toys are not afraid to bite, touch excellent, easy to paint and can be high temperature disinfection, the production of the game equipment durable, weather resistant.