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September 18, 2020 2020
Rubber profile EPDM seals have good weather resistance

Many rubber profiles are used in outside for a long time or in extremely cold and hot environments, required high and low temperature resistance of their products, EPDM rubber good high and low temperature performance, it is considered best raw material in manufacturing rubber profile, what’s more, the price of EPDM rubber is much lower than the natural rubber, as well can effectively reduce the cost of raw materials.

When EPDM reclaimed rubber is used to produce rubber products, the curing temperature is between 120 °C and 160 °C, the highest temperature resistance of the product is 200 °C, and the lowest temperature resistance is 40 °c, in this temperature range epdm recycled rubber products can maintain good performance. However, in the actual production and use process, EPDM Reclaimed rubber products of high and low temperature resistance is not so ideal.

The research data show that pure EPDM rubber products can work for a long time at 120 °C, intermittent use at 150 °C, when the ambient temperature reaches 180 °C, EPDM rubber products can only be used for a short period of time; epdm reclaimed rubber is made from waste EPDM rubber, and some of the properties of EPDM rubber are lost in the production process, therefore, whether the resistance to low temperature or high temperature performance has declined.

The high-quality EPDM rubber has high content and excellent high and low temperature resistance. With a reasonable formulation, the high and low temperature resistance of rubber products can be comparable to epdm rubber, it would be better if a small amount of EPDM Reclaimed rubber product was added, which could improve the properties of rubber products including high and low temperature resistance.