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June 11, 2021 2021
Rubber extrusion seal strip suppliers in China

Seashore rubber offer extrusion seal seals that made from EPDM, CR, NBR and silicone, we ensure all the rubber products can install to a variety of industries, Our professional experts prefer to design new profiles. Our high-quality designs are produced to the most exacting standards in the industry with the promise that every part will perfectly match the dimensions that you specify.


For universal rubber profile, we can list for you.


P shaped EPDM extrusion, as versatile rubber profile, ideal for hatch seals, door seals, piping between panels on cars etc. P section rubber seal has a range of products, including closed cell EPDM p extrusion and solid rubber p EPDM profiles. Our t channel rubber Extrusion, u channel rubber Extrusion and d channel rubber Extrusion also are popular in many countries all over the world.

Our p-sections can be manufactured to meet your personal specifications, and to any hardness range and standard that you desire.


T-shaped EPDM rubber extrusions are unique in shape to applied to refrigerators, table edges, truck scales and etc. Seashore rubber company, T shaped rubber gasket manufacturer, is committed to cater all of your requirements. Our p channel rubber Extrusion, u channel rubber Extrusion and d channel rubber Extrusion also are popular in many countries all over the world.

We able to provide t shape is covering closed cell EPDM seal and solid t extrusion, also offer custom compounding, including the production of unique colors.


U EPDM channel can be used for covering sharp external edges, for the car doors and furniture, rubber u section includes circular u shaped section extrusion, square extrusion EPDM u shape and etc. our factory have more high quality products with different channel and colors, for example, you can click epdm rubber profile to view the detail or place orders.


D section rubber strip made of EPDM, Neoprene and Nitrile rubber materials, seashore rubber company is available EPDM d shaped rubber extrusion and neoprene d section rubber seal. Whatever closed cell EPDM seal or EPDM solid d extrusion, which have excellent weather resistance, as well as to aging, ozone, chemicals, hot water, and steam; good resistance to polar fluids such as acetone, methanol etc., outstanding electrical insulation properties, low steam permeability, good thermal resistance, extremely low brittleness temperature.