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April 26, 2021 2021
Recommend best rubber profile extrusion company in China

Can you definite what the best rubber profile extrusion company, and why some companies would like to find partners in China?


There are many good rubber profile companies in China, Qingdao Seashore Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the best there. Why seashore rubber is so popular.


Professional Stuff

Experienced experts and staff ensure the products can be manufactured and offer seal strip to meet the clients need. In the seashore factory, every department have clear division of function to guarantee the items of quality.


Mold Room

It has professional workers who focus on fabricate molds and based on products’ demand. They try the best to produce it and keep the mold, which can save costs for customers. These molds can offer shapes and sizes, it is easy for them to manufacture universal seal strip.


Production line

Especially for rubber profile extrusion that through the extruded machine and die to different sections, EPDM rubber profile is the most common in this production line.


Cutting machine

Automotive cutting machine enhances productivity, some solid rubber profile can be cut in one second that follows the required size.


Product test machine

Multi Function Rubber Rheometer

Mooneys Viscosimeter

Mixing Machinery

Heat aging test chamber



A wide range of rubber profile extrusion as follows

Solid EPDM, CR, NBR, PVC rubber profile extrusion 

Sponge EPDM, CR, NBR, PVC rubber profile extrusion 

Coextrusion rubber profile extrusion 

Adhesive rubber profile extrusion 

All the products they can custom sizes and shapes, Rubber Extrusion profiles are Used extensively for sealing and noise control, rubber extrusions profiles are also used as decorative trim, for energy-saving seals and more.


Seashore rubber is one of China’s rubber profile company, it has some common in others, price advantages make it to be first option for some companies from Europe, Australia, America and another region.