Industry News

October 13, 2020 2020
PVC market rises in China in October

This round of rising mainly by futures due to demand improved and tight supply, as well as cost increases and other positive impetus. Mainstream enterprises raised about 50-170 yuan, to Inner Mongolia Yihua as an example, 6,680 yuan per ton before national holiday, now rosing to 6,850 yuan per ton, up 170 yuan, part of the enterprise supply is tight. Holiday transport restrictions, PVC to reduce the volume, after the festival still need time to restore, coupled with the recent plans of many enterprises such as Shandong Xinfa overhaul, the market supply is tight. Just after the festival downstream replenishment, market transactions in the low-end price level, but the export market improved, strong demand side support, PVC trend is stronger.

Spot market, domestic PVC5 calcium carbide material mainstream quote range 6,560-6,950 Yuan/ton nearby. At present, the mainstream of PVC5 type calcium carbide materials in east China is around 6800-6900 Yuan/ton, the mainstream of PVC5 type calcium carbide materials in Hebei is 6,720-6,770 Yuan/ton, the ex-factory price in Inner Mongolia is 6,500-6,550 Yuan/ton, and the range of PVC5 type calcium carbide materials in Hangzhou is 6,700-6,800 Yuan/ton, the mainstream price of PVC5 calcium carbide material in Changzhou is 6,680-6,780 Yuan/ton, while the mainstream price of ordinary PVC calcium carbide material in Guangzhou is 6,980-7,100 Yuan/ton.

Upstream crude oil, October 9, WTI crude oil futures market prices fell, the main contract settlement price of $40.60 per barrel. Brent Crude futures fell $0.49 a barrel to settle the main contract at $42.85. Oil prices fell as a strike over reports that affected Norwegian oil production ended.

Ethylene, recent U. S. ethylene market to fall, demand is not good; European ethylene market fell, market demand in general; Asian ethylene prices to rise, demand is OK. Affected by the upstream crude oil price decline in the late ethylene market may be dominated by the decline.

Calcium carbide, calcium carbide prices rose slightly after national holiday, quoted in the vicinity of 2,690-2,770 Yuan/ton. Raw materials blue carbon prices low, calcium carbide cost support in general. PVC market in the lower recent rise slightly, downstream customers on calcium carbide procurement enthusiasm in general, calcium carbide supply normal. After the small shock of calcium carbide rose.