Seashore rubber extrusion specialized in manufacturing extrusion rubber seal strip ;and produce Extrusion rubber seal strip and other EPDM seal strip products, EPDM half round rubber strip, EPDM rubber strip seal profile, EPDM flat rubber seal strip, EPDM seal strip weatherstrip.

Customized EPDM rubber profile strip products and extrusions are compound features with very good compression set, high tensile strength and excellent weathering, ozone, UV, water, steam, high and low temperature resistance. Solid rubber seal strip and rubber protective strips are applied to window, rail vehicle, automotive, marine, boat, container and cabinet door.

Rubber strip of all sizes and rubber types including specialist rubber Viton, Neoprene, expanded sponge, Nitrile, EPDM, rubber tape and more.

Seal strip rubber as one of EPDM extrusion products, it has a range of rubber profile, hard and sponge sealing and coextrusion rubber.  As usual, door and window have rubber seal to protect edge and reduce the pressure.

 Rubber Seal is suitable for virtually all substrates. Whether you are working on wood, concrete, stone, metal, zinc, bitumen or PVC. Extruded rubber seals include bulb seals, bulb trim seals, lip seals, door seals, and accordion seals. For different equipments, seal strip stctions are different, like D shape, E shape, P shape, T shape and etc.

Seal Strip For building Window, For many glass construction shape, it needs more various rubber profiles to cover the glass to ensure that stuff fix glass tightly.

Rail Vehicle, When a manufacturer of mass transit vehicles needed to replace the door seals on passenger trains, seashore rubber applied its expertise in technical design, compound selection, custom fabrication, and logistics. In solving this sealing challenge.

Automotive seal strip are customized for car, truck, bus and other type of automotive, rubber market offer dual hardness strip, coextrusion seal and etc. 

Seal strip for Marine/Boat/Container and Cabinet Door, all the rubber profile are high quality to prolong quipment service life.

Seashore rubber as a leader of EPDM profile supplier, we always improve rubber extrusion technology and show the latest production to market and try to expand our market.