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December 03, 2019 2019
Lanzhou Petrochemical Company promotes synthetic rubber industry

Recently, the NBR-3305G NBR-3305G products for high-pressure oil-resistant rubber hose of mechanical engineering developed by Lanzhou Petrochemical Company of CNPC are all qualified, which indicates that Lanzhou Petrochemical Company has made new progress in the road of independent innovation.

In recent years, Lanzhou Petrochemical has completed the industrial production of 11 SBR and 18 NBR serial brands, and has realized the large-scale market supply of many products with independent intellectual property rights, said synthetic rubber Gradually formed styrene-butadiene rubber customization, large-scale, high-end, nitrile rubber production pattern.

From May 20,1960, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company produced China's first block of SBR and NBR. So far, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company has developed a variety of series of leading products of SBR and NBR The company has provided more than 4 million tons of high quality synthetic rubber to the country and the industry. At present, Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Plant nitrile rubber products domestic market share of more than 40% .

Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Plant NBR products not only meet the needs of users to produce high-end chemical products, downstream products have been exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions, breaking the international trade barriers on the domestic rubber and plastic products industry restrictions. The Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Plant has developed styrene-butadiene rubber products with the Lanzhou Chemical Research Center for SBR-1723, SBR-1778E and other world-renowned tire enterprises The SBR-1586 special styrene-butadiene rubber product has filled the domestic blank, and realized the leap development of synthetic rubber product transformation SBR and nitrile rubber products in the occupation of high-end market at home and abroad made a major breakthrough.

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