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March 02, 2020 2020
Impact of public health events on China rubber industry

Synthetic Rubber

China has implemented anti dumping policies on imports of butyl rubber, NBR,EPDM rubber is conducting an anti dumping investigation. Butyl rubber imports from Japan and South Korea accounted for a relatively small, but halogenated butyl rubber anti dumping impact, in 2019  Japan ;s imports increased compared to previous, because it not in the anti dumping investigation. ;

For nitrile rubber, Japan and South Korea are involved in the anti-dumping of nitrile rubber. But Japan and South Korea are still in China's import source of nitrile rubber accounted for the top three. Japan is not included in the EPDM rubber's anti dumping investigation, but South Korea is the third largest source of imports from China, accounting for 23 percent of EPDM rubber imports in 2019.

bespoke rubber extrusion are focus on butyl rubber NBR, EPDM rubber market trends.

Natural rubber

On January 20 to february 3, rubber prices ;falling due to coronavirus ;epidemic.

On February 28, due to the U.S. ;virus& ;outbreak of the stock market fell, leading to a big fall in rubber.

On December 5,2019, rubber rose sharply as Thailand sought to reduce its rubber acreage.

On Dec. 4,2019, Thailand's cabinet has approved a 20-year plan to more than triple rubber exports by cutting the area planted with rubber trees by 21 percent.

On 21 October 2019, Thailand's rubber authority said the country's main rubber-growing areas had been hit by an outbreak of the fungus Pestalotiopsis, which could halve production in the area..