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May 06, 2020 2020
How to maintain rubber Sealing strip for car

The sealing performance of automobile is an important index to measure the quality of automobile. The quality of automobile sealing strip determines the sealing function of automobile. Sealing strip are widely used in car glass, the rear windshield, the top of the Trunk Lid, as well as the engine compartment, the door and other parts.



Filling the space between the cap.

Noise reduction



Shock absorption

Seal strip has the very good protection function to the personnel and the whole vehicle. However, sealing strip life span is limited.

In the use of the process, miantenance is good to extend its service life. Once the seal is aging, it will lead to the reduction of shock absorption, the increase of tire noise, water leakage and poor ventilation, which will bring danger to the lives and property of the car owners and passengers. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance in time during normal use.

Car Seals are made of rubber and show signs of aging, so try not to expose your car to the Sun. The owner of the car must clean the dust off the rubber belt in time. The dust in the track groove of the automobile sealing ring will affect the sealing function of the rubber strip.


Therefore, it is recommended that car owners clean the rubber strip once every quarter or less. In addition, when cleaning the car, try not to aim the water gun at the rubber strip, so as not to rubber strip deformation.


When the water enters the rubber strip, must pay attention to dehumidify, in order to prevent rusting.  If a small part of the car maintenance do the above points, the life of the rubber strip will be extended, thus ensuring the life of the car.