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September 08, 2020 2020
How to improving wear resistance of natural rubber sealing ring

As a traditional type of rubber, natural rubber has good elasticity, great strength, high wear resistance, high tensile strength and elongation at break, which can be used as rubber sealing ring in the environment with a range of temperature from -20 °C to 100 °C, and applied to that situation without oil.


The wear resistance directly affects the sealing effect and service life of the sealing ring.  how to further improve the wear resistance of natural rubber sealing ring?  We should improve these details

Properly increase the hardness of rubber

Increasing the hardness of natural rubber can enhance the anti-deformation ability of rubber, the sealing ring and the contact surface can be evenly contacted under the action of stress, and the wear resistance is improved, many natural rubber sealing ring processing enterprises will usually increase the sulfur or reinforcing agent 2LLYY0903-SJ dosage to improve the rubber hardness. It should be noted that the hardness of natural rubber sealing ring should not be too high, otherwise the elasticity and cushioning effect of the sealing ring will be affected, resulting in the ultimate wear resistance.

Adjust the elasticity of rubber

In order to reduce the cost of rubber products, natural rubber products manufacturers will fill a large number of rubber fillers, but the excessive use of rubber fillers will lead to a decrease in the elasticity of rubber materials, reduce the viscosity of rubber, hysteresis, reduce the coefficient of friction, improve the wear resistance of natural rubber seals.