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April 28, 2021 2021
How to Choose rubber profile extrusion suppliers

Good Rubber Profile Extrusion Suppliers

The experienced group has a wide variety of molds and there is barely any trouble for them to fabricate rubber profiles, such as co-extrusion rubber seal, dual hardness rubber seal and etc, they try to solve the problems that clients meet. some companies dare not change suppliers frequently cause by these affairs that they worry about shipment and claim can’t be addressed immediately, finding excellent reputation rubber profile extrusion suppliers is very important.


Excellent Reputation

Resolve clients' problems in time and reply to email at several hours.


Experienced staff and formal factory equipment. And then the good company will accomplish claim in a short time and give another way to deal with inferiors.


How to find an Excellent Reputation rubber profile company. There are many ways to evaluate a company, you can follow the below:


Check the credit account in their city, and refer to their Embassy in your country.


It is effective means to inquiry and buy their rubber seal strip in the national market as well as test rubber.


If you have a chance to their city, you can make an appointment and visit their factory and office.



 An extensive of products

Nitrile rubber profiles, also known as Buna-N, nitrile offer excellent oil resistance ideal for automotive or aerospace applications.


EPDM rubber profile, EPDM offers exceptional heat resistance and chemical resistance. Its versatility is often used in medical devices, household appliances, and applications that require weather resistance. EPDM rubber seal strips are popular in the rubber market, for it raw material is inexpensive.


Neoprene seal strips are well suited for applications that require weather resistance along with heat and abrasion resistance. It is ideal for sealing applications including refrigeration and air conditioning.


Silicone strips, Extremely versatile, silicone offers heat, cold, ozone, and fungal resistance. It is used in a wide range of applications including medical devices, food storage, electronics, and more.