epdm rubber profiles cabinet door dust strips
epdm rubber profiles cabinet door dust strips
epdm rubber profiles cabinet door dust strips
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  • *Brand:Seashore rubber
  • *Material:EPDM RUBBER .From SK,Lanxess
  • *Name+model:cabinet door dust strips
  • *Feature:Excellent uv-resistance, weather resistance ,anti-aging, smooth surface,high tensile strength
  • *Surface Handling:Smooth surface without burrs and breakages
  • *Custom Order:Custom drawing,design accepted upon request.
  • *Color:Black
  • *Size:Upon request
  • *Place of Origin:Qingdao,Shandong Province ,China
  • *Industrial Use:cabinet door dust strips
  • *MOQ:3000meters
  • *Hardness :65SHA/25SHA

epdm seal   rubber cabinet door dust strips

China profession cabinet door dust strips factory

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cabinet door dust strips is a combination of soft and sponge rubber bonded with metal clips . These seals have a 

dual function ,they cover the sharp unfinished edges and offer a sealing function.

Product Specs: 

Coating material: soft epdm rubber or pvc with foam rubber 

Metal Clip: steel belt, wire carrier . 

Manufacturing Tolearances: 

Soft rubber : ISO3302-E2

Sponge rubber:iso3302-E3

Soft PVC:16941 3B

Custom length:ISO3302-1 L3/16941 4B

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Qingdao Seashore Industrial  Co.Ltd is well recognized and respected as a leader in the manufacturing of top 

quality extruded rubber & plastic sealing profiles. Our company has the advanced rubber extrusion lines,plastic

extrusion lines and rubber injection machines, also has a skilled CAD/CAM mold development &  manufacture 

capabilities,together with advanced detection equipment.The systematic design of cross section,compression

load deflection,and insertion extraction force can get the good function of water proof,dust proof,soundless etc.

The mainly products are widely applied in the industry of automotive, bus  and truck,

railway,construction,tunnel,marine etc.

Automotive seriesauto rubber seals, dust proof automotive weather strip, flocked glass run  rubber sealing strips,

coated glass run automotive rubber strips,  automotive car door weather co-extruded epdm rubber strips,truck seals,

engine compartment seal,door rubber trim seal,front and rear windshield rubber,glass guide flocked rubber seal.

Door and window series: epdm solid rubber window seal,building curtain wall seal strip,aluminum glass seal strips,

door rubber seals, steel doors and window seal strip, coated rubber seals, self adhesive door seal.

Railway ,train and tunnel series: shield segment rubber seal,tunnel segment rubber gasket, fireproof rubber seal, 

railway rubber pad, train window rubber.

Marine series: hatch cover rubber gasket, decorative window strips for ship, marine rubber fenders.

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We stock more than 1000 sets of extrusion molds, contact us for more details .

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