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May 11, 2021 2021
EPDM rubber extrusion profiles seal Advantages

EPDM rubber extrusion profiles seals are ideal for those with good anti-water, anti-oil, weathering resistance, insulation, and applied for many fields, such as car, bridge, road, building, engineering and etc. EPDM rubber has incomparable advantages over CR and NBR rubber, its effective value materials and friendly environment expanding applied industries.


Rubber extrusion

EPDM rubber extrusion process owns high effective and productive products line, rubber is forced through a die of the desired cross-section under pressure from an extruder. Seashore rubber, a leading manufacturer, produces seal strip by extrusion line and check the machine and makes sure everything goes well. Our professional staff checks the line in time and make some ways to prove the machine to manufacture rubber extrusion seals.


Rubber profile

For Solid EPDM extrusion profile and Sponge EPDM extrusion profile, we are glad to offer custom sections and shapes for clients, for the normal profiles we can produce quickly and deliver goods in a short time. We have an electronic products manual and update quickly so that clients get the new edition.


Dual hardness EPDM extrusion profile

With the dual hardness solid EPDM extrusion profile robust demand growing, we have started to produce this type of item. Standard dual durometer products such as bulb seals made the sponge and solid EPDM rubber. By fabricating dual durometer rubber into a single part, a product such as a window seal can have areas with different physical properties to meet application requirements. 


Having had over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Seashore rubber company is able to provide universal rubber products and custom size and section, we also do business of processing according to supplied samples.


We’d like to offer you an EPDM rubber extrusion profile line that reaches a standard sufficiently high to redound to your credit. Dealers in this line have reaped gratifying profits and we have no doubt that you will also be able to share the success.