D Type Durable Rubber Fender (1)
D Type Durable Rubber Fender (2)
D Type Durable Rubber Fender (3)
D Type Durable Rubber Fender (4)

D Type Durable Rubber Fender

The extruded bumper protects against heavy impact and damaging results of semi-trailers and trucks. Made of all-weather and abrasion-resistant rubber with a half-oval shape that allows for effective fendering action over a wide radius. The unit comes with one washer per hole.

Material: EPDM

Hardness Range: 70 Shore A

Color: Any color is OK

Size As per drawing dimensions

Tolerance Standard: ISO2768-M or ISO3302-1:2014 CLASS M2

Application: For all industries

Certificates: ISO9001,SGS, ROHS

    Rubber fender has D type, cylinder type, v Type, H type, drum type and II type according to the structural form. Among them, D shape and cylinder type are the early varieties, and V type is the variety which appeared in 1960s and is used in large quantities at present, h Type, drum type and II type are new types developed for large ships in recent years. H Type, drum type and II type rubber fenders are characterized by their large product sizes and metal, plastic or wooden anti-impact plates mounted in front of the rubber body.

    The rubber fender is a new product of ship fender which is cater to marine industies. It uses the Compressed air as the buffer medium, which makes the ship have a softer anti-collision effect, compared with common elastic-pressure type rubber fender (such as scrap tire, solid rubber fender) , it has the characteristics of high absorbing impact energy, low pressure per unit area, excellent impact fatigue resistance and simple installation. Widely used in large-scale oil tanker luxury cruise ships, liquefied, gas ships, offshore platforms, large-scale dock seaport protection facilities.

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