container door rubber seals in EPDM material
container door rubber seals in EPDM material
container door rubber seals in EPDM material
Door seal general extruded by material of EPDM, PVC, Modify PVC, TPE. Door rubber seals with excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance and good elastic.
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  • *Brand:Seashore rubber

With different shapes apply to various of door, such as wooden doors, bridge aluminum door, security door,moving gates, sliding doors,auto doors etc. Widely used on Household appliances, hotel, hospital, business building, clean projects, and large market malls.


*Application on garage door bottom. 

*Has good elasticity.

* It is quick and easy to install onto the door bottom to reduce noise, light and air movement.

*the raw EPDM content 25~55%.

*compression set (180℃X22h) 40~18%, -50℃ keep elasticity, no stink taste.

*perfect long -term anti-aging properties compare than other material, service life can be up to 20 years.

Specification Date Sheet
shore A50+/-560+/-570+/-5
2Tensile StrengthMpa>=7
3Elongation at Break%
4Tearing StrengthKN/M

Air ageing(70+/-2)℃/70h

Tensile strength (%)Max-25
Elongation at break (%)Max-35

7Compression Set %(23±2)℃/72h<=35<=35<=35

8Brittleness Temperature<=-35-35-35
9Ozone Ageing

tensile strength 20%,


no cracking

ozone concentration


without transfer pollution
11Weather resistant(63+/-2)℃/300hno cracking

Product Process: dense single extrusion, foam extrusion single, dense foam two composite extrusion, dense - foam- steel core three composite extrusion, dense - foam - compact - steel core four composite extrusion, back from adhesive  tape, flocking, root length CD, welding, bonding and other process

The mainly products are widely applied in the industry of automotive,bus and truck,railway,construction,tunnel,marine etc.

Automotive series:auto rubber seals,dustproof automotive weather stripping,flocked glass run auto rubber sealing,coated glass run automotive rubber seals,automotive car door weather co-extruded epdm rubber seal,truck seal,engine compartment seal,door rubber trim seal,front and rear windshield rubber,glass guide flocked rubber strip.

Door and window series:epdm solid rubber window seal,building curtain wall sealing strip,aluminum glass sealing strip,door rubber seals, steel doors and window seal strip, coated rubber seals, self adhesive door seal.

Railway ,train and tunnel series: shield segment rubber seal, tunnel segment rubber gasket, fireproof rubber seal, railway rubber pad, train window rubber.

Marine series: hatch cover rubber gasket, decorative window strips for ship, marine rubber fenders.

Material: EPDM rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, natural rubber, silicone, etc.


EPDM medium sponge rubber seal strip for cabinet door

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Medium adhesive sponge rubber seal strip in China

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