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November 18, 2019 2019
China and Russia Accelerated the layout of high-end synthetic rubber varieties

In 2020, with the completion of large-scale ethylene plant in Russia, the construction of the synthetic rubber will also be completed and put into production, the moves show that Russia is accelerating production of high-end rubber type.

By 2020, Russia's SSBR capacity is expected to increase from the current 40,000 tons per year to 90,000 tons per year, butyl rubber production capacity will increase from 280,000 tons per year to 335,000 tons per year.

Starting from 2018, several large naphtha cracking ethylene units will be built and put into operation in China, and the production capacity of Butadiene will be centralized. For example, 180,000 tons per year of Shell II, 130,000 tons per year of Sinopec and Gulai projects, 160,000 tons per year of Sinochem Quanzhou and Zhejiang Petroleum, 150,000 tons per year of Shenghong refining and 160,000 tons per year of Wanhua in Yantai. In the next few years, the domestic butadiene resources are increasing day by day, but the production capacity of the synthetic rubber is limited, the raw material of the synthetic rubber is increasing, and the cost is likely to decrease, which is beneficial to the healthy development of the synthetic rubber industry. 

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