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November 05, 2019 2019
Car sunroof strip is from EPDM automotive rubber extrusion profiles

When you clean your car , do you look at the seal strip of car sunroof, how often do you change your car sunroof sealing strips, maybe until now, you don’t know  this part real function and its material. Seashore  industry as rubber seal strip manufacturer in China, show you car sunroof sealing.

This strip made of EPDM rubber that is important element in rubber process, for its specification as shown below:


Hardness, Shore A 30–90

Tensile failure stress, ultimate 25 MPa (500-2500 PSI)

Elongation after fracture in % ≥ 300%

Density Can be compounded from 0.90 to >2.00 g/cm³

(These date from Wikipedia)


Car sunroof EPDM as one of seal strip for automotive applications, it has many advantages to protect sunroof, for distance, it resistance water, weather, corrosion. And then Sealing strip to fill the cap that between the wind and sunroof construction, what’s more, making sunroof to open easily.


Resistance water, rubber strip seal on roof frame to surround the wind and the rubber shape to ensure lock roof and no gap in there, this design theory to stop water into car, even on a rainy day , the rain runs down the roof of the car in the curve to reudce the bearing capacity of rubber.


Resistance corrosion, most of time parking car outside, the seal strip out of roof is easy to erode, in order to seal strip to break , in the sealing product process , factory stuff use EPDM rubber to produce sunroof sealing, for this synthetic rubber has good corrosive properties.


For different type car, sealing strip for sunroof own many different rubber section including size, shape, sometimes, it need to custom for specific car. EPDM heavy truck rubber seal become the preferred product for large vehicles.