Blue EPDM Extruded Rubber Extrusion (1)
Blue EPDM Extruded Rubber Extrusion (2)
Blue EPDM Extruded Rubber Extrusion (3)
Blue EPDM Extruded Rubber Extrusion (4)

Blue EPDM Extruded Rubber Extrusion

Rubber extrusions are parts that are run through an extruder or extrusion machine and forced through a die to manufacture the necessary cross section (or extruded rubber shape), such as squares, cord shapes, and hollow sections for added compression for sealing.

Material: EPDM rubber

Color: Blue, any other colour is available 

Hardness (Shore A): 70 ±5 as standard or per request

Specific gravity: 1.2 to 1.35 g/cm³                                  

Tensile strength: 10MPA

Temperature Range:  -40 °F - 248 °F (-40°C - 120°C)

Tolerance: RMA Standard Cross-sectional Tolerance E2,orper request



1. Medium and small military electronic computer case and microwave waveguide system
2. Aviation, spaceflight, ships and other military shelter and military electronic equipment;
3. Electronic products (such as computer chassis, mobile phones), telecommunications, high-frequency control equipment;

4. Electric power, railways and other harsh environment of electronic equipment.

Colored co-extrusion is requested to match the equipment, seashore rubber customizes blue, red, grey, yellow, wihte and other color that client needs. 

co-extrusion type including sponge and solid EPDM rubber, metal clips and solid EPDM rubber, PVC and EPDM sponge rubber and etc.

Metal Clips

By using either or wire carrier, the edge protection sections will cling well, without the use of splicing tape. However, the use of a steel carrier will have a higher clamping effect than a wire carrier.

Steel Wire Carrier

Double side Joint Belt Carrier

Single Top Joint belt Carrier

The disadvantage of a profile with an unbroken steel carrier is a restricted bending radius over the lateral blade. This can be solved by breaking the connecting bridges. However, a slightly uneven strand may develop if this is done. In most technical applications the apperance will be irrelveant.

The choice of either a steel or wire carrier largely depends on the application situation and the desired apperance. The wire carrier is galvanized, it could pass the test of oxidation.

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