Automotive Windscreen EPDM Rubber Extrusion (1)
Automotive Windscreen EPDM Rubber Extrusion (2)
Automotive Windscreen EPDM Rubber Extrusion (3)
Automotive Windscreen EPDM Rubber Extrusion (4)

Automotive Windscreen EPDM Rubber Extrusion

Rubber glazing seal are made of high quality EPDM. It is considered to install on Automotive Windscreen with complicated designing, and then that is mounted around the glass window with a large range of applications including cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, high-duty equipment and boat.

Material: EPDM 

Color: Black, any other colour is available 

Hardness (Shore A): 70 ±5 as standard or per request 

Specific gravity: 1.2 to 1.35 g/cm³                                     

Tensile strength: 10MPA

Temperature Range:  -40 °F - 248 °F (-40°C - 120°C)

Tolerance: RMA Standard Cross-sectional Tolerance E2, or per request

Application: Automotive Windscreen

The property of EPDM glazing seal

1. The good elasticity/ flexibility and anti-deformation.

2. Excellent anti-weathering, anti-aging, anti-weather, anti-ozone, anti-wearing and chemical resistance.

3. Excellent anti-UV performance, flexibility and elasticity.

4. Excellent seal performance, shock-proof, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, Stops heat, cold, draughts, dust, insects, noise and rain.

5. Can be used in wide application temperature range(- 40`C~+120`C).

The benefit of installing rubber Windscreen strip

1. Stabilize front Windscreen glass.

2. Better sound insulation and dust isolation.

3. anti-high and low temperature, strong toughness.

4. It doesn't affect the flow of air. 

5. Don't worry about being knocked off.

6. Effectively solve the problem of control.

Seashore rubber company customizes and fabricates moulds to meet clients requirements, providing one stop service that assist clients to finish installation work.

Seashore rubber company Advantages:

Complete production line with advanced production and test equipment.

Competitive price and high quality, fast delivery time.

Production supervision department.The engineer staff will Supervise each process from the manufacture of tooling to the production of mass goods.

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