2018-02-12 11:24:49

The common knowledge of rubber seal strips

Rubber seals are often encountered in our daily life. Although you have seen many, you may know little about other knowledge of rubber seals. Next, Xiaobian takes you to learn the other side of rubber seals.

Rubber sealing strip

It is very important for the design of the rubber seal section to design the section. First, the seal lip shape, size design, both sides sealed lip should be the same size and appropriate force from the window glass on both sides of the glass. Lip length, thickness should be appropriate, too thick, too long will make the glass lifting resistance is too large, too thin, too short and will cause the glass is not a good guide and sealing, vibration, noise, leaking phenomenon;

The second is the shape and size of cross section at the bottom of the design, with a convex groove section of steel window, its role is to guide the assembly, therefore, should be designed to guide section at the bottom of the corresponding structure, can be easily loaded, and can use its own elastic sealing strip attached to the steel guide groove to prevent the removal of a final shape; size, take the edge, in order to improve the appearance of the guide groove surface and the body should be tightly.

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