2017-09-29 17:42:15

                            Strengthening fire fighting drills and improving fire emergency capability 

                           -- carrying out fire emergency drills on All the Team of Seashore Industrial and AUX Owners

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In order to make the winter fire prevention work, to further enhance the ability of emergency staff to fire and safety evacuation, strengthen fire safety awareness, prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire accidents, familiar with the escape and evacuation routes. At the time Sep 27th 14:00, our Seashore Industrial staff with the AUX owners under the leadership of  the Fire Brigade to organize and carry out the fireexercises.


The exercise from the beginning to the end of an orderly manner, the whole process of convergence and coherence, without causing confusion, the successful evacuation of the rapid evacuation of personnel, and promptly extinguished the fire, and achieved the desired results. Subsequently, the fire brigade members for all teachers and students, such as fire extinguishers and other fire equipment, methods of attention, and gas tank fire common fire fighting methods of training.


The fire evacuation exercises, received a warm welcome, effectively strengthen the people's awareness of fire safety, to further improve the ability of self - protection and fire safety in the idea, has laid a solid foundation for the construction of fire safety in peaceful and harmonious society.

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