Self Adhesive EPDM Sponge Weather Seal Strip for window and doors
Self Adhesive EPDM Sponge Weather Seal Strip for window and doors
Self Adhesive EPDM Sponge Weather Seal Strip for window and doors
Weather seals extruded in low density EPDM,after put a self adhesive in order to sealing the gap of door and window,stopped the invasion of out doors and prevent in door's cold and warm from leaking.
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  • *Brand:Seashore rubber
  • *Material:EPDM RUBBER .From SK,Lanxess
  • *Name+model:Weather Seal
  • *Custom Order:Accepted
  • *Color:Black, Grey, White, Brown
  • *Size:9*4mm;9*6mm;9*7.5mm;10*4mm;9*5.5mm;9*2mm
  • *Place of Origin:Qingdao,Shandong Province ,China
  • *Industrial Use:Windows and Doors
  • *MOQ:5000meters
  • *Thickness:2mm
  • *Design:D/E/P/I/T/V shapes
  • *Hardness :20SHA



Table-Product Details.jpg

Sponge seal  produced by EPDM,NBR original material .

Backing with 3M adhesive tape,acrylic tape.

Available in D P E I T V shapes,etc

Brown,white,gray,black,yellow clour are available.


Self-adhesive wooded door /window seal made of  epdm  sponge rubber with high performance:

1.Excellent anti-aging/weather proofing

2.Good UV-resistance ,chemical corrosion resistance

3.High/low temperature (-50 to 120 ℃)

4.Super elasticity,200% tensile strength

5.Better flexibility

6.Quality goods cheap price

Function :

1.Sealing the gaps of all doors and windows.

2.Keeps out  dust, insects and pollen ,noise ,smoke ,wind

3.Good weatherstripping, uv-resistant ,anti-aging

4.crash proofing, protect window and doors

5.To keep the warm air or cool air inside house

Specifications as below:

D P E 规格图.jpg

Table-Quality Control Process.jpgG-Quality Control Process.jpgTable-Company Introduction.jpgG-Company Introduction.jpg


SEASHORE Rubber manufactures high quality extruded rubber seal strips for the OEM, replacement part, &industrial 

distributor markets. Our sealing strips are used as seals, filler strip, and bumpers for automotive, electronics, marine,

construction, transportation, and defense applications.

We manufacture extruded rubber profiles in custom sizes and shapes, our capabilities for custom

 manufacturing include: 

Coil form

Cut pieces

Laser Printing

Flock coated profiles

Punching and        drilling

Vulcanized spliced         gaskets

Self adhesive rubber strips

Special Packaging

                  Gaskets with molded or                                 injection  molded     corners

Simple and complex shaped seals, tubes and gaskets

All sizes, from mini to large part

Strips,cord and seals in long lengths on reels or coils,     as cut   lengths

In house tooling for custom sizes and           shapes

Large inventory of tools in standard shapes and custom sizes

G-Production Capability.jpg

We offer a wide range of materials and colors for all sealing strips , these materials are offered

in commercial and specification grades upon request. 


Our experienced staff has the industry and application expertise to manufacture your custom part to exacting 

specifications, ensuring that we will manufacture your part right the first time and deliver it on time and on budget.

Call today to see how we can be of assistance.

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