2017-03-31 14:44:47

Insiders and non-insiders are aware that seals in use for some time because of the light, wind and rain will gradually aging for various reasons, the seal tightness after aging will be greatly reduced, in order to extend the sealing strips life, in the use of the seal must pay attention to seal maintenance methods, the following, and we look at the causes of aging seal analysis:

Aging of rubber sealing strips seal industry has been troubled by a problem, the current rubber seal industry applications is very wide, so to solve the problem of aging rubber seals for the development of the industry is still very important. At the same time the problem of aging is one of the most important factors affecting the seal tightness.

Mainly refers to the aging of the rubber surface of the rubber occurred during use or storage of cracked, hardening, discoloration, cracks and other phenomena.
The main factors influence the seal to aging is a natural environment, one, effects of oxygen, ozone and other air constituents, mainly oxidation reaction of the rubber of the molecular chain was broken, but the degree of effects of ozone and oxygen is not the same ozone oxidation destructive larger. Second, the effect of light and water, which is a key factor in accelerated aging, moisture in the air is a necessary condition leading to soften the rubber, and the light color of the main factors promoting it happens, long-term exposure to sunlight can easily make rubber deformation softening. Third, the temperature, the temperature of the rubber is still relatively large impact, mainly in the cold winter rubber will harden the worst case can lead to fracture of rubber, rubber hot summer will soften.

The above points is most important to promote the rubber seal on several factors aging occurs, so maintenance seal when water should be mainly from above, isolated from the air and insulation, etc. to start.

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