2017-03-31 14:46:02

EPDM rubber seal door and windows to seal an important one, since early in the pre-development, and now presents a variety of modified ethylene-propylene rubber and thermoplastic ethylene-propylene rubber, thus providing for a wide range of applications of EPR many types and rankings.

EPDM rubber seal performance and usefulness: EPDM rubber is ethylene, propylene and a small amount of a third monomer a non-conjugated diene copolymer, has excellent resistance to UV effects, a weather resistance, heat aging resistance, low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, and excellent electrical insulating properties and flexibility as well as other physical and mechanical properties, mainly used in railway locomotives, cars, aircraft, high-rise buildings, refrigerators and industrial the part, which avoids a rubber seal outside dust, air, water and the like into the system.

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