2017-03-31 14:44:21

Now both doors and windows, cars, ships, aircraft, or other decorative sealing industry, the use of EPDM seals proportion reached about 70%, in the course will encounter the same problem, how sticky seal joint position pick? For that matter, every company has each company bonding methods, such as the automotive industry when the adhesive seal is used in hot link, is in connection with the abrasive curing equipment, their costs and prices is very objective, in windows and doors industry is different, windows and doors industry manufacturers in the bonding EPDM seal, when most manufacturers directly connected with 502 adhesive, and the cost is relatively low, but the drawback is 502 plastic bonded easily broken, you want to solve this problem it is necessary it is for glue, tested repeatedly concluded that the use of 401 EPDM seal glue works well, the price is not expensive, you can glue 401 3 -5 sec bonding firm, soft, 24 hours after'll stick with the seal as a whole, there is another special tension, not easy to open, in the doors and windows sealing industry is the highest adoption rates, the effect is very good, every a door and window company can accept.

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