Extruded rubber profile in Nitrile
Extruded rubber profile in Nitrile
Extruded rubber profile in Nitrile
The NBR (acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer) is used for most gasketing applications for conventional fluids. The NBR standard used is the best compromise between resistance to oils and hydrocarbons, flexibility and mechanical strength. It gives a good to excellent impermeability to air and gases. Among the characteristics of chemical resistance NBR has a good resistance to oils, hydrocarbons or gases and in general to mineral, vegetable and animal fats.
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Good resistance to oil and gasoline

Nitrile has very good oil and gasoline resistance, permeability, and heat and abrasion resistance.  Its resistance to alkalis and acids all increase as the nitrile content of the compound increases.

Nitrile must be specially compounded for resistance to ozone, sunlight and natural aging, and has poor resistance to oxygenated solvents.  Nitrile is superior to neoprene in oils and solvent resistance, but is not recommended for applications where it is exposed to severe weathering.

Nitrile’s service temperature ranges from -30 degrees F to 375 degrees F.


Qingdao Seashore Rubber Co.Ltd is well recognized and respected as a leader in the manufacture of top quality extruded rubber and plastic products.

Our company has the advanced rubber extrusion lines,plastic extrusion lines and rubber injection machines,also has a skilled CAD/CAM mold development and manufacturing capabilities,together with advanced detection equipment.

The systematic design of cross section,compression load deflection,and insertion extraction force can get the good function of water proof,dustproof,soundless etc.


Material: EPDM rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, natural rubber, silicone, etc.
Product Process: dense single extrusion, foam extrusion single, dense foam two composite extrusion, dense - foam- steel core three composite extrusion, dense - foam - compact - steel core four composite extrusion, back from adhesive tape, flocking, root length CD, welding, bonding and other process

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The mainly products are widely applied in the industry of automotive,bus and truck,railway,construction,tunnel,marine etc.

Automotive series:auto rubber seals,dustproof automotive weather stripping,flocked glass run auto rubber sealing,coated glass run automotive rubber seals,automotive car door weather co-extruded epdm rubber seal,truck seal,engine compartment seal,door rubber trim seal,front and rear windshield rubber,glass guide flocked rubber strip.

Door and window series:epdm solid rubber window seal,building curtain wall sealing strip,aluminum glass sealing strip,door rubber seals, steel doors and window seal strip, coated rubber seals, self adhesive door seal.

Railway ,train and tunnel series: shield segment rubber seal, tunnel segment rubber gasket, fireproof rubber seal, railway rubber pad, train window rubber.

Marine series: hatch cover rubber gasket, decorative window strips for ship, marine rubber fenders.


Qingdao Seashore has achieved the ISO/TS 16949 and ISO9001 certifications ,which help and guide us to improve our rubber products and services continuously to our customers benefit.

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