Custom extruded wind turbine bearing seals
Custom extruded wind turbine bearing seals
Custom extruded wind turbine bearing seals
wind turbine bearing rubber seal strip is an extruded contacted rubber seals made of epdm rubber. It with excellent cold flexibility, good compression set.The main wind turbine bearing seals of wind turbines protect gearbox components and main bearings from the outdoor environment.
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  • *Brand:Seashore rubber
  • *Material:EPDM
  • *Name+model:Custom extruded wind turbine bearing seals
  • *Surface Handling:smooth
  • *Color:Black
  • *Place of Origin:China
  • *MOQ:1000M

Wind turbine bearing rubber seals—the act of preventing something from escaping or entering—is just one example of how a somewhat simple concept can play a critical role in the successful workings of the overall system.  From a basic O-ring seal to more complex multi-part sealing systems, the simple act of “keeping something in or out” is a vital aspect in the proper function of wind turbines.

Wind turbine bearing rubber seals for wind turbine tasks are to protect large bearings from environmental hazards and seal the lubricating grease inside. 

Seals are moulded in a one-piece extruded rubber part that matches the wind turbine’s shaft size.

Specification Data Sheet
Number ItemUnit Result
HardnessShore A50+/-560+/-570=/-5
2Tensile StrengthMpa>=7>=7>=7
3Elongation at break%>=400>=300>=200
4Tearing StrengthKN/M>=15>=15>=15

Air ageing


Hardness(shore A)0~+50~+50~+5
Tensile strength(%)Max-25-25-25
Elongation at break (%) Max-35-35-35

7Compression Set%(23+/-2)/72h<=35<=35<=35

8Brittleness Temperature<=-35-35-35
9Ozone Ageing

Tensile Strength 20%


no cracking

Ozone concentration


without transfer pollution
11Weather resistant(63+/-2)°C/300hno cracking

Table-Quality Control Process.jpg

Quality Control Process.jpg

Table-Company Introduction.jpg

Company Introduction - 850.jpg

SEASHORE RUBBER manufactures high quality extruded rubber seal strips for the OEM, replacement part, and industrial distributor markets. Our sealing strips are used as seals, filler strips, and bumpers for automotive, elextronics, marine, construction, transportation, and defense application. 

We manufacture extruded rubber profiles in custom sizes and shapes, our capabilities for custom manufacturing include: 

Coil formCut piecesLaser PrintingFlock coated profiles
Punching and drillingVulcanized spliced gasketsSelf adhesive rubber stripsSpecial Packaging
Gaskets with molded or injection molded cornersSimple and complex shaped seals, tubes and gaskets
All sizes, from mini to large partStrips,cord and seals in long lengths on reels or coils,as cut lengths
In house tooling for custom sizes and shapesLarge inventory of tools in standard shapes and custom sizes

Production Capability-850.jpg

We offer a wide range of materials and colors for all sealing strips , these materials are offered in commercial and specification grades upon request. 


Our experienced staff has the industry and application expertise to manufacture your custom part to exacting specifications, ensuring that we will manufacture your part right the first time and deliver it on time and on budget. Call today to see how we can be of assistance.

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