2018-01-22 16:54:04

>>- Silicone tube, also known as silicone tube, is a widely used rubber with special comprehensive properties. The silicone tube has the characteristics of innocuity, environmental protection, high transparency, strong resilience, compression resistance, permanent deformation, UV resistance and flame retardancy.

>>- heat resistance: silica gel has good heat resistance than ordinary rubber, can be in 150 degrees almost always use performance without change; can be used continuously for 10000 hours at 200 degrees; can also be used for a period of time at 350 degrees.

>>- cold resistance: ordinary rubber late for -20 degrees ~-30 degrees, namely silica gel at -60 degrees ~-70 still has good elasticity, some special silicone rubber formulations which can withstand extremely low temperature.

>>- hardness: the imported silica gel soft 40 plus or minus 5 degrees, most domestic silicone soft 50 + 5, 80 + 5 degrees the most hard.

>>- silicone tube minimum diameter of 0.5mm, thickness of the thinnest do 0.5mm, maximum diameter of 100mm.

>>- Silicone tube is suitable for household electrical appliances (coffee pot, kettle, electric iron, electric cooker, frying pan, disinfection cabinet, drinking machine, pulp machine, bread machine, gas cooker, water heater) and electronic, automobile, medical and other mechanical products.

Conventional silicone tube is made with precipitated silica, into a milky white. Compared with the performance of gas phase silica, there are many differences in temperature resistance and avulsion resistance, and the cost is much lower.

Silicone tube common tolerance (mm mm)

I.D.x O.D.ToleranceI.D.x O.D.Tolerance
0.5×1±0.05 ±0.051×2±0.05 ±0.1
1.5×2.5±0.05 ±0.12×4±0.1 ±0.15
3×5±0.1 ±0.155×8±0.1 ±0.2
6×9±0.15 ±0.210×14±0.2 ±0.3
12×16±0.2 ±0.330×38±0.5 ±1

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