March 31, 2017 2017
Aluminum alloy doors and windows sealed performance presentation and knowledge to explain

Aluminum window seal doors and windows in a play in watertight, airtight and energy-saving role. According to effect sealing strips and use requirements, aluminum window seals must have sufficient tensile strength, good flexibility, good temperature resistance and resistance to aging, cross-sectional structure size to match with PVC window profiles. Aluminum window frame and seal the seal between the use of the fan into the glass seal (strip) and two types of tops, glass sealing strip seal between the glass and the frame for the fans and, mainly for bar tops.

  Different scope of doors and windows sealed:

  Although the doors and windows tight construction, fabrication and installation of high precision, safety features on the doors and windows still seal. Production of a wide variety of seal products for different occasions. Some soft rubber sheets, some use foam tape, while others are made of hard plastic and chemical fiber composites, which are very good elasticity and durability. Some sealing method using extrusion seals, while others take shelter rub with a brush. Some are self-adhesive fixing method can self-bonded to the frame and fan; some are embedded in doors and windows left tank; others use nail fixing methods. In the final analysis, the use of doors and windows sealed type and size to be the case with their windows and doors to adapt, to get good results.

  Scope of different doors and windows sealed vary, some brush or flake seal, is nailed to the door seams, can only be used wooden doors and windows; to the bottom of the door to use a brush or rubber seal for good; and good sealant and metal bonding performance, solidifying itself within 24 to 28 hours, and its thickness can be adjusted according to the actual site for metal doors and windows; some good self-adhesive foam seal, with a squeeze pressure sealing method, suitable for windows made of different materials, the thickness should match the slot width of the doors and windows; as fitted into the groove or plastic brush seal will have to cooperate with the door slot.