March 31, 2017 2017
Window seals main role is to stop the dust

Overall home improvement industry after years of development, is already beginning to take shape. The decoration pattern from the original package clearance work to half a pack, the whole package, to enhance the demand for home improvement as convenient, with a decorative represented real soon: more decoration by owners favored decoration can go, All elements of the whole package home "whole home improvement." Most of our windows are an essential home design, whether it is the bedroom, kitchen or any other place, a lot of people like to open a window at home, we all know for sure that the windows sealed, today, Xiao Bian gave you say said window seals and window seals with how to install instructions.

  If the windows Mifengbuyan will cause a lot of dust into the home, it is precisely because of this, the market will have a new product that window seals, window seals strip the most important role is to block dust, this thing can be said of dust at home a lot easier, window seal is good, but there are still a lot of people do not use, then, we will start with how to use the window seal?

  How to use window seals

  ① glass mat tape strips and spigot - window frames, sashes should be the correct direction along the surface clean after use in welding strips corner dedicated rollers will strip a little hard to advance the inner profile slot, while the tape head to Under pressure to notch up within embedded profiles.

  ② glass bead - the strips by hand in the right side at the tip of the strip penetration groove profiles, and then forced to strip by external appearances, will be pressed into the gap at the glass strips and profiles. Strip ends of the head a little to the middle retraction, leaving 1-2 cm in length after the cut, in the press it into the slot.

  Installation Notes ①

  We strip of glass mat and spigot sealing method when this tape, there is one aspect we have to note that due to the strip is a flexible material, by rolling back, there may be some retraction, When encountered such a problem, we should be attached to both ends of the connector strip at both ends to the middle of the strip retracted that and leave 2-3 cm margin contraction, then cut inside into the notches. If you do, there will be no problem.