June 06, 2017 2017
Identification of quality doors and windows seal strip

The key lies in the actual door seals, seal or bad seal plays an important role. Market with the seal material is generally modified PVC in soft PVC key role in its inside is nothing more than adding plasticizers good or bad, as the prices of various petrochemical products continues to rise, the sealing strip and other rubber products, prices are rising.

  Some manufacturers look irresponsible short-term interests, started from unfair competition (the so-called shoddy, shoddy, plasticizers used in place of high-quality waste oil, the rest of the oil refinery base, etc.) raw material aspects, the majority of consumers a lot of hidden dangers. Door production process, put the seal of proportion is small, but its role has not be ignored, doors and windows sealed quality authentication method include the following:

  1. Permeability surface precipitation phenomenon occurs, those fundamental and PVC waste oil is not compatible soluble seal surface is prone to grease the surface of the profile is also infected with yellow marks. Do not even have a lot of environmental volatile substances, air pollution.

  2. When the so-called plasticizer volatilization or exudation after the seal will lose its original softness, becomes hard, and soon aging of contraction, so that a large part of the closed doors appears gap, becomes airtight poorly (leaking, leaking dust) especially steel liner inside the plastic doors and windows will soon be corroded, many users are often found in the rainy season out of a lot of dirty red liquid inside from the window layering parts, steel liner that is leaking through the windows and doors has long been corrosion, doors life will be greatly reduced.