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December 22, 2017 2017
Classification by the name of the installation part by the rubber seal strips

Classification by the name of the installation part (part) by the rubber seal strips

The engine cover seal (HOOD), and can be divided into front, side and rear door seal; (DOOR; SEAL) before and after the wind window seal (WINDOW SCREEN); the side window seal (SIDE WINDOWSEALING); the skylight sealing strip (SUNROOF SEALING); door seal (PRIMARY DOOR SEAL) sealing strip; window guide (GLASSRUN CHANNEL); and a side (water cut) (WAISTLINE); trunk seal (TRUNK SEAL); anti noise seal (ANTI-NOISE); dust (ANTI-DUST) etc..

Classification by section shape

It can be divided into solid core EPDM products (round, square, flat section shape), hollow products and metal rubber composite products. Among them, the metal rubber compound sealing strips account for more than 60%. It is very important for the design of the rubber seal section to design the section. First, the seal lip shape, size design, both sides sealed lip should be the same size and appropriate force from the window glass on both sides of the glass. Lip length, thickness should be appropriate, too thick, too long will make the glass lifting resistance is too large, too thin, too short and will cause the glass is not a good guide and sealing, vibration, noise, leaking phenomenon; second is the shape and size of cross section at the bottom of the design, with a 

convex window steel groove on the cross section of the in order to guide the assembly, therefore, should be designed to guide section at the bottom of the corresponding structure, can be easily loaded, and can use its own elastic sealing strip attached to the steel guide groove to prevent the extraction; finally the shape and size of the outer edge, in order to improve the appearance of the guide groove surface and the body should be tightly.

Classification according to seal characteristics

It can be divided into weather sealing strip (WEATHERSTRIP) and general sealing strip (SEALING). Among them, the weather seal has a hollow sponge tube, which has better temperature and humidity retention function. The commonly used weather seals have doorframe sealing strips, luggage seal strips, and engine box cover bars, etc. Commonly used seals have front and rear windowing seals and corner window seals, inside and outside side bars and so on.

Classification of compound structure by glue

Can be divided into pure rubber sealing strip by a single adhesive; two composite seal -- composed of dense rubber and foam rubber, often contain metal material in the direction of the axis in the dense rubber composite seal; three - by two kinds of glue (one of which is a kind of compact structure and light) sponge, usually the glue contains a metal skeleton and dense fibers. Four composite seal: Hebei Shida seal group company took the lead in the development and production of composite sealing strip is composed of 4 types of rubber composition in the country, in cotton gum (bubble tube) and the surface coated with a thin layer of protective layer of glue, so as to further improve the service life of the sealing element.