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February 05, 2018 2018
How to choose door and window sealing strip

Door and window sealing strip has been widely used in new generation of doors and windows in recent years. It has better anti-corrosion, weather resistance, noise reduction and heat insulation effect than ordinary doors and windows, and good doors and windows need to be well matched with door and window seals. The surface of the plastic steel door and window seal surface is bright and clean, not only has excellent sealing and waterproof performance, but also plays the role of beautiful decoration. In the material selection, the general requirements of higher manufacturers are selected three ethylene propylene rubber or thermoplastic three ethylene propylene rubber. The development of rubber door and window seal in China has also been developed for several decades. Once the pride of rubber, but in recent years the cost decreases and gradually applied to the construction of sealing, compression deformation properties of silicone rubber is better than EPDM rubber, so better sealing performance, and starting from the temperature equivalence principle, silicon rubber temperature up to 300 DEG C, B C glue resistance up to 180 degrees, in life silicone rubber under the condition of the same temperature is two times of ethylene propylene rubber, longer service life.

How to choose a good seal: 1. can smell any odor, normally there will be a little bit of alcohol taste, but little smell; 2. to seal as tightly wrapped in the profile, for a period of time at high temperatures (on the roof or sunny places), contact the surface profile surface and the sealing strip is fouling discoloration, seal surface dust is yellow (oil is easy to absorb soil) oil leakage, whether left the dirty hands; some 3. cheaper prices will be a lot of filler seal, so the surface is not very bright, the appearance is not very cheap light is not desirable 4. see the proportion of added; TSP seal, hand stretching back and forth several times, appears on the surface of a small amount of white powder, poor quality or even just pull off.

In fact, in the actual production process of doors and windows, the proportion of the sealing strip is very small, but its role can not be ignored. Such as waterproof, sealing and energy saving, such functions as sound insulation, dustproof, antifreeze, warmth retention, temperature resistance and aging resistance, can not be ignored in daily life.