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April 16, 2018 2018
Extrusion Rubber Fender

The extrusion rubber fender (fender), also it is known as the ship's protection wood, is an elastic buffer device used for the wharf or ship's edge. It is made of wood and rubber. It is mainly used to slow down the impact force between ships and wharfs or ships in the process of landing or mooring, so as to prevent or eliminate damage to ships and wharfs.

There are various types and features of rubber fenders:

1) Cylindrical rubber fender:

It has the advantages of low counterforce, small surface pressure and reasonable energy absorption. When berthing, the adaptability of the ship to the ship's roll and roll is not affected by the size of the ship. It is easy to install and maintain, and is especially suitable for the old type wharf.  

2) Semicircular (D) rubber fender:

It is suitable for installation and use of frame type wharf and ship's port.  

3) DO rubber fender:

The characteristic reaction energy absorption is higher than that of the D fender, and the installation strength and service life are greatly improved compared with the D fender, which is suitable for the frame type wharf.  

Arch type (type V) rubber fender: force moderate, high energy absorption; firm installation, convenient;

It is suitable for all kinds of wharf.  

4) DA rubber fender:

The features have the characteristics of high energy absorption and low counterforce; the product has higher stress dispersion and long service life; the front end is set up to reduce the surface pressure; the specification is complete and the installation is varied; the replacement is convenient.

5) Drum rubber fender:

The characteristic inverse force is low, the energy is high, the surface pressure is less than 25 tons / meter 2, the mechanical property of the inclined compression is lower, the rubber fender is low, the suction energy is big, the installation is convenient, and it is generally suitable for large and medium-sized wharf.