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May 18, 2018 2018
2018 China(Shanghai) International Sealing Products and Technology Exhibition

Date: August 23, 2018 - 25   

Addresses: Shanghai New International Expo Center

[Exhibition Introduction]

"The seal is small, the function is extraordinary"; with the development of modern industrial manufacture, the application of sealed products is indispensable, and has wide uses and huge market potential. 2018 China (Shanghai) International seal products and technology exhibition will focus on the new products, applications and technological achievements of the sealing industry.

2018 China (Shanghai) International seal products and technology exhibition will be held on August 23, 2018 -25 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. It will attract more than 300 enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Through the exhibition resources, the national, provincial, municipal, relevant scientific research units, aviation and aerospace, petroleum, chemical, automotive, electric, naval, military, metallurgical, heavy, food machinery, textile, tobacco machines, sewing, railways, elevators, instrument instruments, communication equipment, communications, electrical, industrial applications, medical equipment, etc. The industry's company decision makers discuss the use and R & D of "sealed products" and exchange the international application technology to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry, and promote and improve the application and manufacturing level of our sealed products.

As a global and influential seal in the world, this conference will be "highlighting brand, opening up innovation, paying attention to actual effect, strengthening service", with unique creativity, scientific and reasonable integration of communication and excellent service, with a new concept to provide a "high level, high quality" for the large participating enterprises. The exhibition stage of "high quality" shows a large-scale, valuable and authoritative gathering in the industry.


The audience comes from oil, petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical, energy, natural gas, LNG, coal oil, petroleum refining, metallurgy, petroleum refining, metallurgy, steel, mine, automobile, military industry, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, air separation, ships, nuclear power, thermal power, water conservancy and hydropower, wind power, urban water supply, supply, heating, anticorrosion, seawater desalination, Environmental equipment, waste gas treatment, water treatment, air pollution treatment, sewage treatment, machinery, light industry, heat, fire, medical, medicine, water heating, paper, refrigeration and air conditioning, industrial system, major equipment manufacturing, heavy machinery and equipment and other industries, such as purchasing, technology, engineering and related personnel.

[Participation Range]

Static seal, dynamic seal and seal strips:

Tetrafluoro seal, seal gasket, mechanical oil seal, bellows seal, nuclear (non nuclear) seal, hydraulic oil seal, seal ring, valve, bearing, silicon carbide, sleeve, covering gasket, metal ring pad, alloy ring, step ring, Bauer ring, static ring seat, movable ring seat, valve oil seal, various oil seals, rubber seal gaskets, Rubber seals, rubber seals, U rings, Y rings, O rings, combined gaskets, rubber diaphragms, rubber plates, nylon boards, nylon bars, rubber seals, rubber and plastic seals, metal seals, flexible graphite seals, packing static seals, various hydraulic engineering seals and rubber fittings, V type oil seals, rubber miscellaneous parts Lip seal, combined seal gasket, extrusion seal, reciprocating seal, valve seal, elastic graphite seal, elastic graphite sheet, other sealing elements, etc.

Sealing parts:

Dry gas seal, hydraulic seal, pneumatic seal, power drive seal, magnetic fluid seal, floating oil seal, mechanical seal, skeleton oil seal, fluid seal, compressor seal, chemical seal, electric seal, locomotive seal, pump seal, pump (valve) pipe seal, ceramic seal, bellows Seal, piston seal and spring seal, etc.

Sealing material

Coil, metal winding mats, non asbestos gasket, asbestos gasket, toothed gasket, graphite composite pad, wave pad, cone pad, oval pad, flexible graphite sheet, graphite coil, graphite gasket, asbestos rope, stone cotton cloth, oil resistant plate, tube, bar, filled modified tetrafluoroplate, non asbestos rubber board, asbestos rubber board, High strength graphite sheet and other sealing materials

Sealed production materials

Graphite, rubber, Ding Jing, fluorine rubber, silica gel, resin adhesive, POM, oil resistant adhesive, PVC and other sealing raw materials.

Sealing processing equipment

Sealing test / measuring equipment, special production equipment for sealing, rotary seal (rotary shaft seal), sealing device and auxiliary equipment.