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May 31, 2018 2018
Performance and application of the latest soft and hard composite sealing strip in 2018

The soft and hard composite seal is made of silicone rubber with a transparent and smooth appearance. It is soft, elastic, nontoxic, tasteless, high and low temperature (-80 - 280 C), and is not easy to aging, non deformation and mild acid and alkali resistance. The hard and soft composite sealing strip has the characteristics of performance. The hard and soft composite sealing strip has a good performance in ozone resistance, solubility and electrical insulation.


The soft and hard composite seal adopts three ethylene propylene rubber. It is formed by microwave vulcanization process. It has good surface and beautiful appearance. It has good elasticity and anti compression deformation. It is resistant to weather aging, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and wide use temperature range (-40 C ~+120 C). It has been widely used in manufacturing industry of car door and window curtain wall. General application. It can meet the needs of design and use for different shapes, different materials, or cold, heat resistant, foaming, real body, and special properties.


The performance characteristics of soft and hard composite sealing strip, soft and hard composite sealing strip mainly include three EPDM foam seal, self adhesive door and window seal and door bottom sealing strip, among which three ethylene propylene (EPDM) sealant has E, P, D, ultra thin and so on. The color is grey, brown, white, black and yellow. There are special specifications for sealing products, such as self adhesive type transparent D seal applied to glass automatic smooth doors and manual doors.


The performance characteristics of soft and hard composite sealing strip have superior anti-aging and high low temperature performance. After years of use, it will not be damaged or deteriorated. It can maintain its original high sealing performance between -50 and 70 degrees. It can be used in good waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, temperature isolation and shock absorption. It can be applied to various doors. Windows and other fields that need to be sealed and cushioning.


The soft and hard compound sealing products are widely used in household appliances, lamps, chemicals, medicine, food, electronics, automobile parts, machine boxes, craft gifts, daily necessities, construction machinery and so on. The microwave vulcanization process is formed at one time, the surface is clean and beautiful, and no trace is found. It has good elasticity, anti compression deformation and excellent aging resistance.


The hard and soft composite sealing strip has excellent performance, excellent flame retardancy, low smoke and low toxicity. The product is stable in extrusion and high in size.


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