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June 14, 2018 2018
2018 Fifa World Cup Russia

2018 The Russian World Cup will be held on -Jun14th- July15th, 2018 local time (Beijing time June 14th - July15th).

The opening ceremony of the world cup was scheduled for June 14, 2018, and the opening ceremony of the world cup was opened at 23:00 in June 14th Beijing time. The opening ceremony was held one or two hours before that.

2018 World Cup opening ceremony: Beijing time at 22:30 on June 14th.

The opening ceremony of the world cup was not long, less than an hour or so, and the opening ceremony of the world cup was only 30 minutes, and the opening of the 2018 World Cup was held at 23 in June 14th. The partners started at 19 p. m. on June 14th, and they could fix the TV to the world cup broadcast channel CCTV5, quietly waiting for the opening ceremony of the world cup! The June 14th cctv world cup live program is like this:

19:00-21:00: grand banquet -2018 World Cup night theme 1

21::00-22:48 I love the world cup (the opening ceremony)

The opening ceremony was the end of the opening war. The first game of the world cup.

Among the 3 guests at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony, two World Cup winners Ronaldo, the famous British singer Robbie Williams and the famous Russian soprano Aida Scarlett Frank.

According to the official website of FIFA, the first channel of the Russian channel will be responsible for the production and broadcasting of the opening ceremony, and the director is Felix Mick hlock. This year's opening ceremony will be different from the past. "The performance will be based on music, and the most close to the unveiling. It is only half an hour from the whistle of the opening match, but there is no change: the red line throughout the opening ceremony is not only football, but also the display of the host country."

It is understood that 12 Chinese small players will go to Moscow for the world cup. In addition to the friendly match, they will also play the opening ceremony of the world cup with the identity of the caddie and join hands with the Russian men's football players.

2018 World Cup opening War:

Time: 23:00 in June 14th (Beijing time)

Two sides: vs Saudi Arabia

The referee of this game:

Referee: Argentine Nestor - Pantana

Help referee: Argentinean Juan Pablo Berati and elnan M.

Brazil referee Sandro Ricci serves as the fourth official

The video referee group is composed of Italy referees masimimiriano irarati, Daniel - Sarto, and the Argentina referee Mauro viriano, and the Chilean referee Carlos Astor lock.

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