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December 30, 2019 2019
2019 PVC price in China

PVC price up by 6.27% in a year

In 2019, China PVC market is volatile, according to 100ppi website showed report, at the beginning of 2019, PVC prevailing price was 6575 yuan/ton, on December 24, PVC prevailing price was 6987.5 yuan/ton, raising up 412.5 yuan/ton, up by 6.27%.

Down by 1.98% at the first quarter

On January 1, PVC prevailing price at 6575 yuan/ton, On March 31, PVC prevailing price at 6445 yuan/ton, asking price felled to 130 yuan/ton, up by 1.98%, most of time PVC price at the range of 6300-6800 yuan/ton.

Up by 4.16% at the second quarter

PVC market made a big change, in the middle of May, PVC price at 7142.5 yuan/ton, and then starting to fell. On April 1, PVC prevailing price at 6432.5 yuan/ton, on June 30, PVC prevailing price at 6700 yuan/ton.

Up by 0.19% at the third quarter

at the third quarter, PVC market changed situation from slack season to peak season. On July,1, PVC price at 6712.5 yuan/ton, On September 30, PVC price at 6725 yuan/ton, up by 12.5 yuan/ton and 0.19%.

Up by 3.9% at the forth quarter

At the forth quarter, PVC market at the slack season but PVC price was raising. On October 1, PVC prevailing price at 6725 yuan/ton, On December 24, PVC prevailing price at 6987.5 yuan/ton.

    In 2019, PVC the most price difference was 842.5 yuan/ton. PVC the lowest price was 6300 yuan/ton at the beginning of March, at the middle of May PVC price at the highest price was 7142.5 yuan/ton.(Data from 100ppi website)