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2017 Qingdao Pingdu Dazeshan Grape Festival

----The 31st Qingdao Pingdu Dazes Mountain Grape Festival

Activity time: Sep1st--Oct 29th, 2017

Location: Pingdu Dazeshan (main venue), Qingdao Olympic sail center (sub-venue)

Tickets: No tickets required

Grape picking price: 15-30 yuan range (refer to previous years price)

Grape festival sharing bus: from the Olympic Sail Center directly to the Dazeshan town Yin car park, four shifts every day from the bus, free shuttle city residents and tourists to participate in grape picking activities in Dazeshan.


High-speed route: in the highway Pingdu mouth (Zhou Gezhuang), gray port, sand estuary, blue bottom or big mouth, respectively, through the four direct access to Dazeshan.

Article 1: from the south, west of the tourists can be from the Sancheng Road directly through the tourist road into the Dazeshan resident.

Article 2: from the south, west of the tourists can also take the Shuangmiao Reservoir - Chashan to the north, through the Tai Ying Road (Ping oak Road) - Tianzhu Mountain Road, Tan Jiaxuan junction - travel road, through the Nanchang Village West Road direct Town resident.

Article 3: tourists from the north can be from Laizhou Xiaqiu South Outer Ring Road - Rotary Village West Road to enter.

Article 4: Eastern tourists from the East Court Cui Zhao resident of the old road - long road into the Dazeshan.


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