2017-06-23 14:54:11

Rubber Extrusions Profiles Bespoke

Seashore Rubber Industrial Co welcome you. If the seal design you need is not available online, there is also the option to have your design manufactured as a custom profile from special materials for your specific application; 

Welcome you send us a drawing or a sample along with details of your quantity and application requirements, and we will work with you to have the seal extruded from a new die. 

We can fabricate rubber extrusions into fully finished rubber seals for products such as glazing seals, dock gate seals, refrigerator doors, container seals and enclosure seals. 

We can supply rubber extrusions in all the common polymers, in a range of materials, from very soft to rigid, and with specialist grades to provide specific property requirements such as unusual temperatures, chemical resistance or extreme weather resistance.  

Our technical staff will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail, and will be able to guide you toward the appropriate material for your needs.  With the range of facilities available to us, we are ideally placed to solve most sealing problems.

Good Luck.